Glen Paul Davis of Grand Meadow, Minnesota who was a beloved member of the community passed away on Saturday February 15 at the age of 88. According to his obituary Davis was a lifelong farmer along with his three brothers, but his claim to fame in this sleepy little town was that he was also a school bus driver.

Davis was no ordinary driver though. He drove for the Grand Meadows Schools for 55 years from 1949-2005 and proudly boasted that he never got in an accident! The kids on the bus called him "Glennie." Can you imagine the generations of kids and families that he met through the years, this experience sure has left an impact on the town.

So, in a special tribute to Davis he will be laid to rest in a custom casket in the shape of a school bus which was donated by Jim Hindt of Hindt Funeral Home.  According to Hindt this particular casket idea started out as a joke but Davis loved it and would show people pictures of it. What a great way to honor this man who obviously meant so much to the community. For more information on this story and to see a picture of this custom casket click here 

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