The Grammy Awards is shaping up to be one helluva show! Organizers are now planning to honor the genre of electronica/dance music (or EDM) at the awards ceremony on Feb. 12. Grammy nominees Lil Wayne, Deadmau5, the Foo Fighters, David Guetta and Chris Brown have been tapped to perform on the segment.

The performance will consists of the collective members performing in a tent space in front of 1,000 fans. Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich noticed the popular rise of EDM within the past year and wanted to celebrate it with a spectacular audio and visual experience at the event. “All we’re going to try and do next week is [try to] put the home audience in the middle of it,” he tells The Boombox. “It is more than just sitting there and watching it.”

According to Ehrlich, the trio of Brown, Wayne and Guetta will perform a song, most likely, ‘I Can Only Imagine‘ (from Guetta’s LP ‘Nothing But the Beat’). Meanwhile, EDM stars Deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse) and the Foo Fighters will team up for a remixed version of the Foo’s Grammy-nominated song ‘Rope.’

Ehrlich boasts that the electronica/dance music segment is going to be one of the most ambitious performances of the night. Overall, he believes this year’s Grammy telecast is going to be an amazing event. “What I try and do when we’re building this show is to think about the audience first,” says Ehrlich. “What can I do that’s going to keep an audience for 3 1/2 hours watching the Grammy Awards? I do try and look for how broad I can make it and still assume that people are going to tune in and stay with it.”

The 54th annual Grammy Awards will air live from Los Angeles on CBS at 8PM ET.

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