Lil Wayne's love of sports is well known. With Weezy being such a big fan, it's only right that he finally gets to craft a theme song for a sports talk show. The New Orleans rapper offered up a preview of his theme called "No Mercy," which he made for Fox Sports 1's Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

The new show starring Skip Bayless and former NFL star Shannon Sharpe is set to launch on Sept. 6. Lil Wayne's involvement makes sense as he appeared on ESPN's First Take multiple times during Bayless' days as the main attraction of the morning program.

"Lil Wayne has been a friend and frequent guest on my show," Bayless said, "And I’ve told him how honored I am to have such a legend create such a great song for our new show."

Weezy had some equally nice things to say about Skip Bayless. The MC is clearly a fan of Bayless despite the sports personality's controversial nature.

"I like the fact that he's super intelligent," Wayne said of Bayless. "He probably came up with the term 'debate' and he can debate his ass off.

Jingle Punks’ president and CCO Jared Gutstadt produced "No Mercy" for Lil Wayne. As you can hear in the teaser, the song has a rock vibe.

"Knowing that Fox Sports is about to launch one of the biggest sports debate shows of all time, it’s only fitting that they partnered Jingle Punks with the biggest and most respected rapper of all time," Gutstadt told Billboard. "It was absolutely astounding to see what Lil Wayne was able to bring to the table on this song."

A full version of "No Mercy" will be released next month via Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne is also expected to make an appearance on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed's debut episode, so make sure to check it out on Sept. 6.

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