Superior Police and Fire department responded to the Enbridge office in Superior this morning after protestors blocked the main entrance.

The protestors erected a Tipi like structure at the main entrance to the Enbridge building on N 25th St. E,  located right across the street from the Mariner Mall, while one of the protestors suspended themselves from the top of the Tipi, others shouted words of encouragement.

The protest elicited a response from Superior Police and Fire, the Sherrif's department and local ambulance to support the eventual removal of the protester, which happened around 9:30 AM, about an hour or so after the protest started.

At one point first responders removed what appeared to be a chain on the front door, the police and protestors remained calm while the fire department brought in a ladder truck to pull the structure up and lower it and the protestor to the ground. The protestor was quickly taken into custody.

The protestors were there opposing the Line 3 Replacement Project and what they see as Indigenous rights, environmental impacts, and other issues, which you can read about here. Thankfully the incident didn't last long and no one got hurt.

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