Local Writer and Director Matthew Dressel has released his latest short comedy 'Just Coffee' which was filmed at East End Cafe in Superior. Check out his latest work.

'Just Coffee' seems like a story that would happen at a typical diner. Frank, A power hungry assistant manager gets angry when a customer takes full advantage of the cafe's "free refill" policy. Marie, who is a waitress at the cafe sees no problem in serving the kind older customer his numerous free refills of coffee. hilarity ensues when that doesn't fly with Frank.

This film is will done, and Matt definitely knows what he's doing with various camera angles. The short has been selected to various Film Festivals: The 2018 Mespies, 2018 Grand Rapids Film Festival, and the 2018 Saint Paul Frozen Film Festival.

Check out Matthew's latest creation bleow with local actors and a recognizable location.

A customer angers the assistant manager at a diner when he takes advantage of the restaurant’s “Free Refill” policy.

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