Mavrik Joos is an avid fisherman and also has a YouTube channel that does very well with 482,000 followers so far. For many people like him you can make a really good living being a media influencer. So he decided to use his influence to help out some fellow fisherman.

Joos was actually out on the ice that day with a friend on February 10 but fortunately for them they got off the ice just in time. He said to WDIO:

My friend had class at UMD, so that's pretty much the reason we got off early. When he heard the ice broke away and left fellow anglers adrift, he went back down to see if they were going to be OK. They were, but some of them lost a lot of gear.


So with the help of some local businesses and the money he makes off YouTube Joos set out to replace some of the items that his fellow fisherman lost that day. In all he replaced 5 fish houses and gave out $5,000 in gift cards.

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For some of the guys that he did not know he contacted them asking if he could interview them about their experience on the ice. They agreed not realizing that besides the interview they were going to be getting some of their stuff replaced that floated off and eventually sunk to the bottom of Lake Superior.

Joos also made a point to stop by and thank the fire fighters involved in the rescue to get the men off the ice once it had broken off. But one thing is for certain none of them had ever heard or seen an ice chunk that big break off,  and they are all grateful to be alive. What an awesome gesture form Mavrik to do this for these guys, it shows on or off the ice that he is  just being a good neighbor to his fellow fisherman.

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