Locals Only features music made right here in the Northland, if you miss a show Sunday morning at 9, you can always catch up with the podcast of the weekly show.

If you would like to submit local music for consideration on the show, please go here.

Week 1 In Studio guest, Paul Newberg

Week 2 In Studio guest, Halo Muzic

Week 3 In Studio guest, Jamestown Story

Week 4 In Studio guest, Haley Lawson

Week 5 In Studio guest, Breanne Marie

Week 6 In Studio guest, Amy Annoni

Week 7 In Studio guest, Preston Gunderson

Week 8: Local Music Highlights

Week 9: Duluth Does Dylan

Week 10 In Studio Guest: Angela Brannan

Week 11 In Studio Guest: Halo Muzic 2

Week 12 In Studio Guest: Christine Hoberg