Attention smokers, don't dump your stinky cigarette butts in the garbage,  you can now send them in free of charge to be recycled. Why? The filters are poisonous, and cigarette company's want them back.

According to MSN  Starting in July, TerraCycle will provide free UPS shipping labels (postage paid by a , unnamed U.S. tobacco company) so people can ship their butts to be recycled and made into plastic pallets.

My question is how many people will bother doing this? Storing up enough of them to send in, and then bring them to a store to be shipped? It seems that people for the most part are more conscientious about where they throw their cigarettes than a few years ago, but you can still see them littered all over the streets.

If you want to do your part to save mother Earth and not have them end up in a land fill somewhere now you have another option.


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