According to WCCO/CBSMINNESOTA the Mall of America is discussing plans to build the biggest indoor waterpark in the world. I think this could be a real possibility, just like when they were putting plans together for the mall and wanted to have an amusement park inside, pretty sure a whole bunch of people said that would never happen.

With the short window of nice warm weather we have, a giant indoor water park makes perfect sense. You have visitors from all over the world who come there to shop, so why not take a break at a water park?

The proposal was discussed Tuesday night at a joint meeting with The Port Authority and  Bloomington City Council. The Mall is seeking public financing for the project in the range of $150 million to $200 Million dollars.

A representative from the city of Bloomington did say that this proposal is in it's very early stages, but members of the Port Authority and Bloomington City Council are planning a trip to the West Edmonton Mall in Canada to view a similar water park. Check out the design below.

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