In true Twin Ports fashion, there is a monster storm headed our way. The Northland is looking at up to thirty inches of snow in some parts and as of Tuesday afternoon (December 13), the National Weather Service of Duluth has issued a blizzard warning for our area.

Not only are we expecting heavy snow, but travel will be incredibly dangerous as well. In fact, the National Weather Service of Duluth also says to expect a 'major to extreme' impact from this winter storm which means it is not going to be pretty.

Things are definitely going to get hairy! Remember that major winter storm that happened over Thanksgiving weekend a few years back? We got so much snow in such a short period of time that many were stuck at home in Superior for a few days.

Thankfully, that hasn't happened since but it is always good to be aware and alert ahead of a snowstorm so you can stay safe and know what is happening, especially if you are in one of the areas that is expected to get hit pretty hard.

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Superior falls under that bracket and ahead of the winter storm, Superior Mayor Jim Paine took to his official Facebook page to issue a message to residents before the snow started falling. He shared the message Tuesday afternoon.

In his post, he acknowledges that the storm is going to be challenging for Superior residents and asks those in the area to stay home and off of roadways. Because not everyone has that option, he tells those that must travel to leave early and have a plan in place should things get dicey.

He also acknowledges that side streets and alleys may not be cleared right away because this storm is expected to linger into the end of the week. The good news is that you can actually keep track of snow plows online so you know when and where the plows have been.

The plow tracker also allows you to type in your address and see the status of your neighborhood and surrounding areas, along with the last time certain roads were plowed and which roads in Superior are priority and which are secondary. It is pretty handy, especially at times like this.

It should also be noted that with a major winter storm like this comes many closures, whether school closures or other public closures, like the zoo and museums. We keep track of these closures online along with late starts and early dismissals.

Be careful and safe out there, especially while traveling over the next few days! You should also use caution when shoveling, as this heavy, wet snow is often referred to as 'heart attack' snow and can cause major health issues.

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