Not only is March International Women's History month, but there is also a day for it as well. In celebration, Mayor Larson will organize a special event. 

The Mayor has teamed up with Marcus Theaters, YWCA Girl Power, and the Valley Youth Center program to host a special viewing of the movie 'Hidden Figures'. The special screening will happen at 1:30pm on Thursday March 16th at Lakes 10.

The movie is slated to leave theaters, but the theater company is bringing it back for the special showing. The film is about three brilliant African-American women, Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who worked at NASA, and were the brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

In a press release, Mayor Larson stated:

“Women are change makers, leaders, mothers and mentors. In countless ways we shape our communities, cities, states and world and stories of women’s struggles and resilience are a critical part of our history, and understanding where we’ve been is an important part of building the path to where we’re going. This movie tells an important story of the accomplishments of African American women who worked at NASA in support of men who worked as astronauts. In countless ways their efforts were intentionally kept in the dark. I think many people can relate to a story of unappreciated efforts and unrealized potential. I’m excited to watch this movie with youth in our community. I believe in them, and I know this community does, too

This viewing will be open to the public and movie tickets will be $5.  After the screening, there will be a brief discussion about the important opportunity for women in science, technology and math. What a great way to support a great month. Check out a trailer to 'Hidden Figures' below.

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