Tonight after Mitt Romney makes his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention you'll see the standard political or big event type balloon drop, but I bet you don't know how big of a production it is, and there is one man responsible for the whole thing, his name is Treb Heining and he's done the last 7 republican conventions, the Super Bowl, Academy Awards and more.

Buzzfeed went behind the scenes to give us a glimpse of Heining and his 100,000 balloons that he's prepared to drop tonight in a very synchronized fashion, it's not as simple as you may think, he'll direct 16-20 people in the massive drop.

I was amazed so much went into it, I thought is was simply a bunch of bags filled with balloons and someone pulls a string and balloons drop, but after you see in the video what happened at the first Democratic National Convention Heining didn't orchestrate, you'll see how important it is to get it right.

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