An awesome video of "ice waves" on Lake Superior makes the bitter cold of winter slightly better.

Bryan Hansel is an photography guru. The man is an award-winning landscape photographer with over 25 years of experience and publication credits in things like National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer. He currently lives in Grand Marais according to his Facebook page.

I've watched this video no less than 5 times already today. I'm a guy who HATES the cold. Can't stand the fact that I have to let me car warm up before I drive it in the Winter. But when you see a video like this, you can't help but appreciate what mother nature has brought to us.

Everything about this video is perfect. The way it's shot, along with the sun setting but you can still slightly see the orange glow as darkness sets in on the right. Then add in the ice chips that have started piling up due to the smooth waves coming in.

Maybe winter isn't so bad after all.


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