Back before we all had 100's of channels to choose from you could find some gems on public access t.v., and some Minneapolis legends are still going strong after all these years.

When I lived in the Twin Cities this was one of my favorite shows to watch Viva and Jerry's Country Videos show. I was not tuning in for the country videos, but the hilarious interaction between the two of them, and the ridiculous items that they would display and sometimes say was for sale for "2 bucks"!

I have also caught them on public access here in Duluth and thanks to the world wide web, anyone anywhere in the world can see these true Minnesota residents in all their glory, accents and all, showing off their comedic chops.

Today is day 2 of the Viva and Jerry giant garage sale on Lake and Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis. I could not even fathom the bizarre items they would have, but mostly I would just want to meet them in person. Check out the video below of Viva and Jerry when they were on the John Stewart show back in the 1990's