Minneapolis has secured it's own professional Quidditch team and will soon be able to compete against other North Division teams such as: Cleveland Riff, Detroit Innovators, Indianapolis Intensity, and a new Toronto franchise. For fans of Harry Potter movies the game of Quidditch is much different in that they fly around in the air on broomsticks with magical balls whizzing about.

This game is obviously much different. Players run around the field with broomsticks between their legs trying to get a volleyball through the opponents goalposts while opponents bombard them with dodgeballs. It sounds pretty intense to me if you think about it. True to the Harry Potter fashion the game also includes "A Snitch" but in this game it is a human with a tennis ball attached to the waistband of their shorts. If you are able to get the tennis ball it is worth extra points.

Luke Zak has been playing Quidditch for over a decade and started a club in 2010 when he was a student at The University of Minnesota. Zak said " Quidditch is a game that requires “a lot of skill” and “a lot of athleticism. If given the chance, it might just take on a life of its own, beyond the world of wands and wizards."  The Minneapolis Team will hold open tryouts in April 2019. For more information about the sport Click Here

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