According to Bring Me The News a ten year old from South Minneapolis has lost his best friend a purple stuffed Eeyore and his mom is desperate to get it back to him, so she has made a plea on Social Media to try and find it.

Kari Ihle posted on Facebook last week that her son William had lost his  beloved stuffed animal during their travels on Spring Break. His purple Eeyore has been by Williams side through countless Dr.s visits, tests and even went in the operating room with him for brain surgery.

William suffers from a rare genetic disorder called tuberous sclerosis which cause numerous non cancerous tumors throughout the body.William has had his Eeyore stuffed animal since he was only 18 months old.

Some places that she thinks the stuffed animal might be are the MSP Airport, as well as Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and Phoenix airport as well. They flew on American and Delta Airlines. I could not even imagine how harrowing this must be for her and poor William to have misplaced his precious friend. So far her story has been shared over 400 times on Facebook. Please go to her Facebook page and share her story. Fingers crossed that someone will find it and return it to William ASAP.


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