Tyler Skluzacek of Lonsdale, Minnesota began working on his App called NightWare back in 2015 as a computer Science student at Macallister. He was inspired by his  father Patrick who suffers from PTSD and traumatic Night Terrors after being deployed overseas.

According to gomn.com you use the app on a smartwatch and it vibrates and makes noise when you start having a nightmare or night terror. It startles the user just enough to make you conscious enough to pull out of it, but does not wake you up.

Skluzacek and his team started a kickstarter campaign and raised 20x the goal right at the start. Since he started this campaign a year and a half ago he has won several awards for the App and now it is finally ready for clinical trials which will be conducted at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. If all goes well NightWare should be available for purchase by this Fall.



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