Last month a video of a young boy trying on some special glasses in a classroom ended up going viral. The reason was his reaction to seeing colors for the very first time in his life. His name is Jonathan Jones and he told WCCO  "I took a red and a green whiteboard marker and drew on the board and I could actually tell a difference in the colors which I couldn’t tell before,”

A  GoFundMe page was set up after tons of people reached out to the family offering to help buy Jonathan these special glasses. The initial goal was $350 which has ballooned into $36,477 ! Jonathan's Family responded "We've had multiple pairs donated to Jonathan and will use 100% of donated funds to purchase color blind glasses for those who can't afford them.  The wonderful Enchroma xxxxxcompany  will be matching every pair we purchase with a free pair, which double the number of people we can help.  You and your loved ones can take the color blindness test at  to see if you need color corrective glasses!"

Jonathan's Mom explained that One in 12 boys is colorblind and with the help of people like Lakeview Principal Scott Hanson, who is also colorblind, they have been using the donation money to get color correction glasses for other boys too. Enchroma, the company that makes the glasses, matched each pair they bought with a free one!

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