Tuesday morning in Anoka County there was a head on collision and it left one vehicle engulfed in flames with a child still inside. 

My biggest fear of being a parent is something is going to happen to me while I'm with my kids and they will be all alone defenseless. Luckily a man who witnessed the accident put on his superman cape and saved the day.

Thomas Rush of Grandy, MN was the good samaritan who saved the day. When Rush saw the accident, he quickly dialed 911 and ran over to see if everyone was okay. The driver of the first vehicle was unresponsive, then a couple of other cars stopped and started yelling "There's a baby in there!"  pointing to the other car engulfed in flames. Rush knew what he had to do.

Unfortunately both drivers died at the scene, but Rush did manage to save the baby. You can read the full story here and bravo to Rush for being a great samaritan.

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