According to KARE11 a fourteen year old boy named Isaiah Tuckett had wanted to go to Disney World for as long as he could remember, but everytime he asked his parents they said no. Like most families they just could not afford it. So the teen from Madison Minnesota decided to take things into his own hands literally.

So, Isaiah started baking and according to his Mom "Went to town." Isaiah had a real talent at making cupcakes and he decided to make them himself and sell them for $20 a dozen. Within 1 year he had made enough money for his whole entire family to go to Disney World. This included airfare, hotel and Disney World tickets for his mom, dad, sister, brother, sister-in-law and nephew a total of seven people!

Fortunately for him the only bakery in town had closed and there is not another one within 30 miles of his hometown. And the orders began pouring in, Isaiah said  “I've done birthday parties, confirmations, graduations, reunions, funerals, weddings.” Plus he also filled a large order for a High School Prom, baking 750 cupcakes in just one weekend.

His Mom and Dad gladly pay for all his cooking supplies and Isaiah now has his sites set on culinary school someday. But for now he is trying to save up for a pick up truck. He hopes he has enough money by the time he can legally drive. My guess Isaiah is that you absolutely will get that truck someday and you deserve it for all your hard work.


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