Can you help? One of the most popular - and scariest - haunted attractions in Minnesota is asking for the public's help.

Organizers of The Haunted Basement are asking the public to help raise money for the event this year. They shared the news on their website, writing that they need help to "keep existing" like so many other businesses amid COVID-19.

According to their fundraising page, the haunt will not go on as it usually does in terms of production. Because of new social distancing guidelines, they won't be able to scare your brains out in their usual manner but are hoping to still scare you nonetheless by reimagining the attraction.

Organizers are hoping to raise $80,000 dollars total in order to hold the haunt in a new way this year. They didn't give exact details of what they have in store but they did promise they are "working on creating a very different kind of immersive horror experience this fall." They also elaborated, saying that they want to bring something very unique to their loyal fans that captures our new way of life.

As of Monday (August 17th), organizers had raised nearly $6,000 dollars. If you are interested in donating, you can do so here.

The Haunted Basement is famous for their extremely scary haunted house experience. They've been scaring the living daylight out of us since 2005. In fact, the haunt is so horrifying you have to sign a waiver before entering. Ahhh! The haunt is usually located in Roseville, Minnesota. Fingers crossed this event can go on as planned!

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