Many retailers that offer clothing across the country closed their fitting rooms during the pandemic as one of their safety measures, with Minnesota-based Target stores being one of the many on that lengthy list. As restrictions are being relaxed across the country, Target made the announcement on Monday that a vast majority of their store fitting rooms across the country would be reopened this week.

In a story from USA Today, Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo explained that some Target locations had reopened fitting rooms over the Memorial Day weekend and a vast majority of the remaining stores across the country would have them reopened by yesterday (Tuesday, June 1). There are a few stores that are exceptions to that otherwise nationwide change in policy that has been in effect for over a year.

Harper-Tibaldo explained to USA Today that those handful of exceptions are a "small number of fitting rooms being used for vaccinations" at certain locations.

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This reopening of fitting rooms is the second major policy change since the start of the pandemic for Target. After initially signaling they would maintain a company-wide mask mandate in stores even as states removed government-imposed mandates, the retailer announced in mid-May that they would be lifting their store mask requirement for those that are fully-vaccinated, still encouraging masks for those that have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

With these two major policy relaxations, Harper-Tibaldo told USA Today that stores will still maintain a stringent sanitizing and cleaning policy, stating that they will continue to "frequently disinfect and clean our stores throughout the day, as we have throughout the pandemic". With the reopening of fitting rooms, store employees dedicated to sanitizing high-touch areas will now include fitting rooms in their areas of emphasis.

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