School is back in session and for some kids it is an opportunity to try and pull a fast one on their teachers and parents, but modern technology has a way of ruining those plans.

Depending on your child's school and age, skipping out of class or school all together becomes a bit of a cat and mouse game. But now with parent portals and daily attendance at the stroke of a keyboard it has become harder for kids to pull this off, which is a good thing.

I know many of the High Schools in the area have a closed campus, but at East High School Seniors can leave for lunch, but with only a half hour to stick too I hope we don't get any calls or e-mails of one of our kids being late to class.

This mom decided to take matters into her own hands by following her daughter around for the day to make sure she went to class. Considering the sassy response she kept giving her mom and the the constant death glare, her daughter was none to happy. So hopefully this will teach her a lesson. This video is from a few years ago, but the situation still remains the same.

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