This scenario is one that I am guessing has happened many times before, and you have to give this guy some credit for doing the best he could to remedy the situation. A TikTok user by the name of K.oThaBarber received a phone call from the mother of his daughter and was told that she got her period at school and needed some pads.

Every woman and girl reading this story understands the urgency of this situation as it is horrifying and can be awfully embarrassing in the process. He was told to pick up Always brand pads with wings. O.K. seems simple enough, but for anybody that has gone down the feminine product aisle, the choices can seem a little intimidating with many different sizes, and absorbancy all under the same brand name.

He proceeded to get the pads with an additional purchase of some chicken wings and was on his way to his daughter's school to drop them off. Now I for one being a big fan of chicken wings would have been ecstatic to get both, but at some point, the dad realized that the wings she meant were actually on the pads.

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So in this day and age what is the first thing you do, well what some people do is make a video about it and post it on social media. I say good for you that this guy put it out there and maybe this will be a learning experience for other guys out there who are tasked to pick these items up for their daughter or significant other.

WARNING: Language at end of the video

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