A woman in Queensland, Australia stirred up an online debate with a rule she has instituted regarding the bathing of her children. The Daily Mail is reporting that the woman will not allow her husband to bathe their young daughters, saying they "have different body parts". She went on to explain that "girls should be washed by their mothers and boys by their fathers".

In a Facebook post (as seen in a screenshot on from The Daily Mail), the woman admitted her husband is upset with her over the rule. She explained that she isn't comfortable with a man bathing a girl, saying boys should be washed by their fathers and girls by their mothers. She cites a concern that people play the "'I was molested card' so very often these days", so she wants to eliminate that as a possibility from her children's lives.

While some have shown support for the mother's stance, a number of people have called the woman out for her rule. Critics cited how it's sad that the woman doesn't trust her husband, while others say it's an inappropriate sexualization of bathtime. It's also been pointed out that this logic is flawed because a man could molest a boy and a woman could do the same to a girl.

We shared this on Facebook this morning, looking for thoughts from listeners. Here are some of the comments from people in the Twin Ports area:

Bridget M.I feel like if you have to worry about it being inappropriate then maybe you married someone you shouldn’t have.

Sondra O.As a mother of a daughter and son I don't see any issue with it BUT definitely once my daughter reaches a certain age than of course I don't find it necessary anymore for dad to be bathing. Boundaries

Donald R.Completely sexist of she can bath her boys. Nothing sexual about a bath anyway.

Malissa B.Good grief...it she can’t trust him then maybe she shouldn’t stay with him.

What do you think?


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