It's Father's Day weekend and since I don't have a dad I care to celebrate, I figured I would pay tribute to TV dads, here are my top 5.

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    Fred G. Sanford

    Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son could crack me up anytime, he's the funniest dad on this list. His quick wit and snarky attitude were always the reasons why I loved him!

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    Tony Micelli

    Maybe it's because we share the same name, but I always loved Tony Micelli from Who's The Boss. Tony was a fun guy and had a fierce love for his daughter, Samantha.

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    Herman Munster

    Herman Munster was an amazing dad, he was always having fun and getting into trouble with the family.

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    Tony Soprano

    I know he's a mobster, killer, cheater and all around bad dude, but he did love his kids and there is a certain lovable quality about Tony from The Sopranos.

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    Charles Ingalls

    I dig Little House on the Prairie (is that strange?) and a lot of the reason I love that show is because of Charles Ingalls, he was hard working, caring, fun and the perfect TV dad.

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