Duluth is a strange and beautiful city and gets pretty crazy raising kids here. I thought I'd throw together a little survival guide for all the dads in the Northland. No worries moms, you can use this too.

  • Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

    Go Out And Enjoy Nature

    While it's great snuggling on the couch watching movies all day (however I do advise a living room fort and movie day at least once a month), we live in one of the best outdoor cities in America, go enjoy it. Whether you take the kiddos to the Lake Superior Zoo, walk down the board walk, or go swimming in Lake Superior, the kids will have a blast. Plus walking and swimming doesn't cost a thing making it a bonus. Yes, I'm also aware that you can only do this four months out of the year in the frozen tundra, so go sledding! We have some of the best sledding hills in Minnesota. Build Olaf or other snow sculptures, make a snow fort, have a snowball fight!

  • Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth

    Wear Cargo Shorts With Lots Of Pockets

    You can never have enough treats, just make sure you have enough pockets to hold all the sugary goodness! You shouldn't overload them with sweets and sugar, but every now and then won't hurt. Don't forget, there are a few homemade sweet shops in the area. Fannie Rose in downtown Duluth, Hepzibah's in Canal Park, and Sweeden Sweets across the bridge in Superior. Cargo shorts

  • amyleighcook

    Being A Dad Is Cool

    Everyone knows Minnesota is known for being nice, and I'm sure most of that comes from Duluthians. There have been so many times when I've been in the line with just me and the kiddos and I was able to jump to the front of the line. There's something about a dad with kids that turns them into royalty for some reason and I love it!

  • Jochen Sand

    Go To The Park

    Yes, I already said to go play outside, but I felt that you needed a reminder! There is a park in just about every neighborhood in Duluth. If you're bored with the one by your house, take the kids on adventure to find another one! I recommend Bayfront, the park at the end of Park Point by the beach house, and the one by the Zoo. My kids seem to have the most fun at those parks. Or go to a state park and make a picnic lunch. Enger Park and Jay Cooke are two great options! Have the kids help (if they're old enough), my daughters love eating the sandwiches they put together themselves.

  • Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth

    Free Events

    Take advantage of all the free events that happen in our great city. From all the 'neighborhood days' to stuff going on at the library, indoor skating at the Heritage Center and other public places, you can never do enough free stuff in town. I'm always checking Eventbrite to see what I can bring the kids to that won't break the bank.

  • TSM Duluth

    You Deserve A Treat Yourself

    After you finally get the kids to bed and get ready to watch another episode of 'Fargo' or some good ole fashioned hockey, grab yourself a nice cold local brew. From Castle Danger to Bent Paddle, you deserve a nice tasty treat. It doesn't have to be beer, but we have a great selection in the Northland!