I'm really excited about James Fox's new documentary that's streaming beginning tomorrow, October 18. It's called "Moment of Contact." It's about (you guessed it) an encounter with extraterrestrial beings that took place years ago in Varginha, Brazil.

According to witnesses, a ufo event took place in 1996. Multiple people reported seeing a UFO. Some people say they saw a UFO crash. Other people have come forward years later on the record saying they saw extraterrestrial beings onboard. The story goes that they were taken to a local hospital and the whole thing was covered up by the Brazilian government.

James interviews eyewitnesses nearly 30 years later. A group of young girls described an encounter with one of the beings. They described it as about 4 feet tall, with brown oily skin, a large head, and huge red eyes.

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Brazilian authorities say it was actually a mentally disabled man who was dirty and covered with mud. As far as the ETs at the hospital, they say it was actually a couple that was expecting a child, and both of them suffered from dwarfism.

A policeman that handled one of the bodies of the extraterrestrials mysteriously died at a hospital a short time later, according to witness testimony.

He also interviews scientists, experts, and former military personnel about the incident. The trailer itself is very compelling. You can see the emotion and fear in the eyes of these people recounting the events so many years later.

The debut of the film is tonight in Los Angeles, and it will be available to be rented or purchased on streaming channels beginning October 18. It's narrated by Peter Coyote, who has famously voiced many documentaries.

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