We all have an open door policy at the radio station with each others offices, so it is a constant flow of people, and today I noticed just how observant my co-workers are.

I share an office with 2 other people and we collectively cannot stand the overhead lights, they are way to bright, so on some of these really gloomy days we have the office is pretty dark. Even though we have windows, early in the morning all I have is the light of my computer screen.

So we had this lamp at my house and since nobody is using it I brought it to work. The funny thing is every single person that walked into my office today said "Hey where did you get that lamp?" The reason this struck me as being so funny is that it seemed like this huge deal that I finally brought in a lamp.

Is it the fact it is a zebra pattern that is  fascinating because it is just a cheap desk lamp. Are you inquiring because you want one too? Do you really want to know where I got it from? All of these questions make me giggle. Plus if you saw the whole span of my desk it looks like the prop department for Pee Wees playhouse, so the fact my zebra lamp is so exciting is hysterical.

For the record I have no idea where we bought this lamp, it was in our daughters room and she doesn't want it anymore, so now I have light and I love Lamp. :)

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