I am someone who needs to drastically cut down on how much pop I drink in a day, and I have even bought 12 packs on occasion to store in the break room, but a fridge by my desk? Even I would have to say no.

I have 2 office mates, one is the new guy Josh and the not so new  guy Ron who is on our sister station. Now I think besides how funny this seems to me to have a fridge within arms reach of your desk we have 2 fridges in the building which is actually not that big.

But to each his own, more than anything is the Vintage look to the fridge. If it did not have the faux wood and display window I probably would not even be writing this, but the eccentric quality to it is what makes this whole scene even funnier to me.

But, he is excited about it and claims he got it for a steal at $50. Which I found one brand new on line from a big box store for $80, but again different strokes for different folks. Thankfully all of us here at the station have a good sense of humor and can take a little ribbing from our co-workers. What do you think, do you like the vintage look or a new one? If you could would you have a fridge next to your desk?

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