If you made a trip between Duluth and the Twin Cities last summer on Interstate 35, you most likely found yourself a little frustrated with the extra congestion due to road construction. Those headaches didn't go unnoticed, as new digital road signs have been installed along I-35 to help you along your way.

Seven new digital signs have been installed along I-35 between Duluth and Hinckley, showing estimated travel times between several locations along the route. The signs will provide real-time travel information that will also be online (here).

Dave Mavec, the project engineer, explains the concept behind the new signs:

The purpose of this project is to inform the traveling public of the travel times through three major reconstruction projects on I-35 this summer. The intent is to reduce driver frustration by displaying the actual driving time it takes to drive through the corridor.

Mavec also explains that travel times for Minnesota State Highway 23 will also be provided, offering an alternative route to take traffic pressure off reduced-lane routes on I-35.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has the latest updates on the contruction project available here, and you can get real-time traveling times online at http://www.trafalert.net/taduluthth35/tamap.htm.

Below is a map of the locations of each of the signs as placed by this program. The signs will be up through the extent of the construction project on I-35.



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