Here is a study I can get behind: the favorite Easter treat of every single state. This new study became a reality just in time for the big holiday.

Online site Zippia released the study this month, using Google Trends to see what candy or treat we are all going to be feasting on come Easter. According to the site, there is always a huge uptick in food-related searches around the holiday and that is what they used to come to the findings of the study.

So which Easter treat is most popular in Minnesota? Apparently, the answer is boiled eggs. Wisconsin also happens to love this treat the most. Ha!

I personally did not think that boiled eggs were considered a treat but I stand corrected. They are definitely an Easter classic so I am not surprised it showed up here. I just wish the favorite was some type of chocolate, like a Cadbury Creme Egg! (These are my personal favorite and I would live off of them if I could!)

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It turns out we are in the majority here as a huge handful of states prefer boiled eggs over any other. Peeps came in as the second most popular with mini eggs and Cadbury Creme eggs also rounding out the top choices. Jelly beans also made the cut.

In another holiday-related study, Minnesota was named the luckiest state in the country. To get to this conclusion, Zippia looked at the number of lottery winners, median income, weather fatalities and the like. I have never won the lottery so it was hard for me to see this but I guess anything can happen. Ha!

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