The City of Duluth has announced that the inaugural 'Cold Front Celebration' will take place this winter.

According to a press release sent out by the city of Duluth, the inaugural Cold Front Celebration will be held from February 2-4 in Canal Park. Events such as food and craft beer tents, local retailers, live music and activities are expected to be apart of the festival.

Mayor Emily Larson was quoted in the press release talking about the festival,

“This is an exciting opportunity for Duluth! We know Canal Park is a popular tourist destination but through the 8 80 Cities grant, Cold Front events will help re-energize residents to come and enjoy winter and the waterfront through creative purposing of public spaces to connect all sectors of our community. This event kicks off a new beginning for Canal Park’s revitalization! I am grateful for the Cold Front organizing team for their hard work and collaboration,”

Also mentioned in the press release is the possibility of a skating trail along the lake front, which I nominate Jeanne Ryan to try.

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