Another year has passed us by and looking back good times and bad, it is always refreshing to start a new Year and wonder what adventures are ahead.

I have never been a big believer in New Years Resolutions because as corny as it sounds you should set goals for yourself all year I never keep them anyway...Ha Ha. For myself looking back on the year watching the kids get a little older, we got a new puppy , the flood, even though we were very lucky compared to many people in the Northland and a fun summer at the beach.

Now with the cold weather settling in I look out on our snow covered deck that I did not finish painting, waiting for the warm weather to return so I can finish painting said deck and enjoy another short summer season. Hey that is my New Tears Resolution- finish that along with a couple other projects I started.

Check out the video below of what a few celebrities talking about their New Years Resolutions, I love Gerard Butlers the best.