Jenna Kutcher is a former resident of Esko and makes her living part time teaching people about social media. Well now she could actually be part of the subject matter. Recently Kutcher posted some photos on Instagram of her and her husband and wrote about perceived body images and how couples see each other.

According to WDIO, Kutcher's Instagram post soon went viral and she has now been invited to be a guest on many national television shows to discuss her journey. Many average people are scrutinized all the time either in person or on the world wide web and many bullies like to share their mean spirited comments from behind a keyboard . Even though she has received a few negative things said about her, for the most part most of the comments have been very positive and praising Kutcher.

This is so important on so many levels given the societal norm about what women should look like and also an example of a beautiful couple that are madly in love. Kutcher and her husband will be moving back to the Northland in a few weeks, and maybe we will see her have an appearance on 'ELLEN' in the near future.

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