It looks like things will start looking up in March!

The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center shared an outlook for the month ahead and wow, are we going to see a big difference from February. Of course, things are always more mild come March than the previous month but this will be a drastic difference for sure.

According to the NWS Climate Prediction Center, we can expect temperature above average come March for the Northland. Their outlook states we have a sixty to seventy percent chance of seeing above-average temperatures in March. The rest of Wisconsin falls under that category as well, while a good portion of Minnesota outside of the Northland has a forty to fifty percent chance of being above normal this month. Those odds aren't bad!

As for precipitation, it looks like a good portion of the Northland, including Duluth and Superior, have a moderate chance of seeing more precipitation than usual. The rest of Minnesota will see average precipitation while a majority of Wisconsin finds itself with moderate precipitation chances.

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This most likely means we will be leaving snow and winter weather in the rearview until later this year. However, in the Northland, you can't say for certain! One thing is for sure: this is a welcome change of pace after our brutal February, which brought us hundreds of hours of dangerous wind chill values.

The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a snowy start to the month with mild conditions rounding out March while meteorologists at the Weather Channel are calling for an early spring. Yes, please!

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