July is usually the month we can count on really hot conditions in the Twin Ports. This is 2021 though so anything can happen, right?

Joking aside, the Old Farmer's Almanac has released their predictions for the month ahead for our region, including Duluth and Superior.

While there isn't anything too shocking here, it is nice to see how they break things down so we know what to expect and when. (Not everyone believes in the Old Farmer's Almanac and their methodology but here is a breakdown just in case you do!)

First and foremost, we have the first week of July. Of course, this includes the weekend of the fourth, which is a day most of us like to spend outdoors. From the first through the seventh, the Old Farmer's Almanac says to expect a few thunderstorms and hot temperatures.

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This also aligns with a forecast put out by the National Weather Service of Duluth. In late June, the NWS of Duluth said there is a chance we could see excessive heat as we kick off the new month. (By the way, an extended look at the fourth of July forecast says we should have a pretty nice, summer weekend.)

We can expect sunshine and warm conditions from the eighth through the twelfth. Beginning on July thirteenth, we will see a ten-day span of scattered thunderstorm chances. The good news is we will also be warm!

Rounding out the month will be isolated thunderstorm chances and once again, warm conditions. It looks like July is going to bring on the heat! Maybe we will see another record-breaking start to the month, and end to the month, like we did in June.

It also looks like we may finally get enough rain to take us out of drought conditions. As of late June, most of Minnesota was seeing some sort of drought conditions.

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