The Wizard of Oz just celebrated it's 80th Anniversary of being shown in theaters and I can't help but think about the people watching that movie for the first time and how blown away they must have been. Of course T.V. and movies have come a long way since then with modern technology, but again you have to think about what was available back then.

For me as with many people this movie immediately brings me back to my childhood, when the movie was on T.V. maybe once or twice a year and how you would so look forward to it. I know that I could not get close enough to the T.V. to watch this magical movie. My brothers would torment me endlessly about how the flying monkey's were real and the haunting music of Elvira Gulch riding her bike with toto in the basket (which made me cry every time) even though I know he gets away I could not get enough of the magic on screen.

I remember when it first came out on VHS I thought wow that would be awesome then I can watch it anytime I want, but then I thought, no, that is what makes this movie even more special is that every Fall like clockwork here it comes back to the small screen. My favorite character besides the flying monkey's would have to be the "cowardly lion." Everyone has courage, but sometimes you have to be tested to know it's there.

This movie teaches us all some great life lessons about kindness, family and helping people, something I think we have lost sight of a little bit sometimes. Also to always remember that sometimes dreams really do come true.

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