I have probably seen the movie "Grumpy Old Men" a dozen times and it still makes me laugh every time. Set in beautiful Wabasha Minnesota two life long friends who love to bicker and complain have there worlds turned upside down when a new neighbor moves in. That neighbor of course is Hollywood Legend Anne Margaret and the rest is history.

Well apparently the house used in the movie that Anne Margaret's character lived in is up for Sale, but it is actually in St. Paul. Even though the town of Wabasha claims to be the home of " Grumpy Old Men" it is in name only . Mostly all the scenes were filmed in the Twin Cities and on a sound stage at Paisley Park.

The best part of all of this is that according to the STAR TRIBUNE is that the couple that owns the house is home to a real life Grumpy Old man who wanted nothing to do with filming in his house. Apparently it took a lot of convincing on the part of the crew to let them shoot at their house, to the sum of $12,000 cash new siding, roofing and shutters, a pledge to repair any damage. He also was promised by the city of St. Paul that his property taxes would not go up.

So if you would like to won a piece of movie history now is your chance, but be warned this house is not move in ready unless you like decorations and aqua fixtures from the 1950's. For more about this story Click Here.

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