Triple digit temperatures in the Twin Cities these past 2 weeks have pushed some people to steal and ice cold treat, or better yet, just take the whole truck!

According to City Pages, a 26 year old man did just that, stealing an Ice cream truck as the driver ran inside at a Twin Cities gas station. The owner of the truck left it running because he wanted to keep the product cold.


Is it just me, or does it seem that Ice Cream Trucks are making a comeback? I was talking about it on the air a few weeks ago, that I heard one come by my house, and I have never seen one in Duluth before . Plus many of my friends have said the same thing, they are everywhere :)

Thankfully the police were able to catch the Ice Cream Truck thief, who said that he was told he could borrow it, and was headed to Frog town to sell it. Ever heard the saying "Crazy from the heat?" Maybe that will be his defense.