Yesterday a 24 year-old Cloquet woman rolled her truck on ice ejecting both her and her 1 year-old girl. Her 4 year-old son was not ejected and all three have non-life threatening injuries.

As a parent myself, I couldn't imagine my child being ejected from the car. All it takes is a few minutes to make sure the carseat is secure properly before you leave. This family got lucky that the injuries weren't worse.

I understand we live in the frozen tundra, but as a general rule, big winter coats should not be worn in car seats. You have to make sure the straps are snug and secure, and winter jackets could leave room for your child to come out of the straps should an accident occur.

I'm not saying this was the case in this accident, I just want parents to triple check their children and ensure their safety. Again, I'm glad the family is okay and hope a scare like this doesn't happen again.

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