Downtown Duluth retailer Global Village Duluth stirred up a heated conversation on their Facebook page, following their fourth annual "MLK Day Black Sale" drawing criticism about the theme of the sale and terminology used to promote it. Earlier today (Tuesday, January 21), the owner issued an apology on the business's Facebook page, but that apology still has some crying foul.

The controversy surrounds a sale offered at the Duluth store that offers a sale of 25% off all black merchandise on Martin Luther King Day. The sale, as it was promoted on Facebook, led to hundreds of comments. Among the comments; one person said the Facebook post, which linked "the struggle and lookin' super fly", trivialized what King fought for.

This marks the fourth year of the store's MLK Day Sale, the first of which real attention was paid to what many are calling an "insensitive" and "ignorant" theme. Following the negative feedback regarding the sale, the ownership said they plan to discontinue the sale. They also issued an apology that is quickly drawing criticism as well.

While some defend the apology and appreciate the extended perspective offered by the owner, others don't feel the same. One commenter went as far as to say "This is not an apology", while others continue to suggest the business's apology is ignorant.

Here is the Facebook post the owner of Global Village Duluth offered, apologizing for the controversial MLK Day "Black Sale" and "super fly" comments: