With preparations for deer hunting heating up in the area, if you're finding yourself feeling deserted while the guys head out to the deer stand, Jeanne and I want to lift your spirits with an awesome prize package! Even if you are hitting the woods as well this season, we'd like to give you the chance to pamper yourself with an awesome roster of prizes through all of next week (November 2-6).

Each morning at about 7:20, Jeanne and I will start off with caller 8 on the air and head off to the MIX 108 gun range with our local hunting experts Floyd, Toivo, and Hank. Caller 8 will pick which of the three guys they want to represent them on the gun range. If the caller's hunting expert hits the target, the caller will win our prize pack for the day. If they miss, we'll move on to the next caller until we get a winner.

The prize pack we will be giving away each day consists of the following:

  • A professional massage from one of the area's massage and wellness centers
  • An overnight stay getaway at the St. Croix Inn
  • $50 certificate for Bender's Shoes
  • $25 certificate for Duo Tone Salon
  • $30 for a night out at The Sunset Bar & Grill

Good luck!