A new survey out shows 81% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids Easter Baskets. Say What?

Everyone has Easter Traditions especially when your kids are little, but apparently Mom and Dad have been helping themselves to the goodies too. I remember when I was a kid my Mom use to boil the eggs which we would color for the Easter Bunny to hide, the funny thing is my poor mom would feverishly try to keep track of how many we would find, since they were hidden inside the house.

That would sure be a stinky problem If we did not find them all and on top of that it never failed that at least 1one of my brothers would eat at least one of the eggs they would find, really throwing off the count. How many parents have found a mystery plastic egg in the yard when they were cutting the grass in July?

So I guess that Mom and Dad are in cahoots with the Easter Bunny about what candy little Susie or Tommy would like, so to all the kids out their, you may want to keep tabs on your treats. For more about Easter Treats Breakdown Click Here