If you or someone you know have had an upset stomach recently, you're definitely not alone. There's a pretty nasty gastrointestinal infection that's been spreading in our community. It's just downright awful. Unfortunately, I can say this because I'm on the tail end of this nasty virus.

I finally felt good enough to return to work today after an impromptu long but not fun weekend. It turns out since I had been gone, several other people had been out sick with similar issues. My wife has had co-workers out sick too. I see people complaining about the illness on social media too.

It just so happened that today I had my yearly physical and I had mentioned to my physician about how I'm still on the mend from this virus. That's when he told me that there is a "particularly nasty" GI bug going around in the community now. You could say that again.

Just about any stomach virus is nasty. Vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, fevers, and exhaustion are never fun. However in all my life, I've never had one that lasted as long as this one did. Hand to God, I was googling symptoms of organ failure thinking something on me had quit working. What happened to the 24 hour bug? The one where you're sick for a day and you're back on your feet? That's not the case with this crud.

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For me, Day 1 of symptoms were relatively mild. Just felt a little off. Maybe I ate something? Day 2 was trying to keep it together at work, still optimistic it was just something I ate. Day 3 & 4 were a complete and total loss. Day 5 I was at least back on my feet an functional, running to the store to get bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. (The BRAT diet)

That's bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Those are foods that a gentle on your stomach and will hopefully help get your guts back in check.

Of course, the biggest way to keep yourself healthy is to wash your hands. That's something I do religiously, but unfortunately if someone is sick and prepares your food and you don't know it, you're pretty much out of luck on that one. I'm guessing this is what happened to me, but I guess we'll never know.

Another tip that I got from a nurse friend was when someone in the house gets sick, switch to paper towels in the bathroom if you need to share one. Whatever bug that got you sick loves to make a home on damp hand towels that people share. Obviously wiping down surfaces with disinfectants and keeping things clean will help too.

Good luck! I hope you stay healthy and don't have to deal with it. Maybe buy yourself some Pedialyte just in case and have it on hand. It came in handy!

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