While I was rummaging around in our boss's desk this morning looking for the pen he "borrowed" from me, I found something awesome! No, it isn't the stash of Taylor Swift merch he has, it was an extra pair of tickets to this Saturday's Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias show at Target Center! If you'd like to make them yours, here's what you need to do:

Jeanne and I are going to play a little game of "Where in the Twin Ports is Cooper?" during Friday's (2/20) morning show. I'm going to hit the road with Ian, and hide somewhere in the Twin Ports during the 7:00 hour of the show. While I'm on the road, I'll still be on the air with Jeanne, giving clues as to where Ian and I are. I'll also be offering extra clues on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so make sure you keep an eye on both for extra hints Friday morning.

The first person to find us will get two tickets to the big show, which is at 7:30 Saturday night (2/21) at Target Center. Good luck to all!


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