I've been in the twin ports since October.  I've heard of a bunch of great places to go to and to try.  This weekend I decided to go ahead and hit a bunch of them up. 

It ended up being more of a food tour.

On Sunday I met up with a friend (Arya) at Anchor Bar and Grill in Superior.  I ordered a Reuben burger.  I thought the burger was great.  However, I didn't think it was everything everyone kept telling me about.  Maybe it was too hyped up for me and I was expecting tears to come to my eyes with their burgers.

From there we went over the bridge into Duluth.  My first stop was Duluth Pack.  I hadn't even been in the store yet.  I was told that back packs and bags were expensive.  Apparently my definition of expensive needs to be updated.  The prices were pretty unrealistic in my opinion.  I was looking at all the bags and settled on shopping for a gun case for my hunting rifle.  After rifling through the various cases, I ended up getting a super warm sweatshirt instead.  I know it's warm outside now, but in the words of the Starks, 'Winter is Coming'.


Photo By Chris Tyler
Photo By Chris Tyler

Then we walked over to Grandma's in Canal Park.  It was my first time at Grandma's.  We ordered beers, smoothies, and Boneless Bar-B-Que wings.  Loved sitting outside in the sun, relaxing, munching on the wings, and watching the Lift Bridge go up and down.  We stayed there until a brief shower forced us inside.


We then needed some time to digest our food and beers walked across the blue slip bridge in Canal Park and went to a movie.


From there we headed over to 7West Taphouse.  This was my first time here.  If you're a big beer fan.  I imagine this would be a place for you to hit up.  I like beer, I'm just not that knowledgeable.  With some help of the bartender I ordered a couple that we thought I would like.  Nice help, and good choices.  We tried their seasoned fries and the cream cheese wontons.  Both were exceptional.  The fries were cut up right in front of us and put in the fryer, then you were able to choose a seasoning to go onto them.  We chose Ranch for a flavoring.  The cream cheese wontons were made with a jalapeno beer cheese sauce.  Not super spicy but gave you the flavor of the jalapenos.


From there we went on over to Black Water.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was closed on Sundays.  So we decided to hit up Blackwoods instead.  Arya was pretty excited and insisted we order Champagne Chicken.  We split it between us.  This is probably one of the better chicken and pasta dishes I have ever had.  Of course I had to order a Man-tini because it had 'man' in it.


After I dropped Arya off at her car I headed home and basically rolled myself onto the couch.  This was an all day thing.  Even though we split everything we were both near bursting full.




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