The city of Duluth has a ton of family owned business that make living and visiting here so unique, and some of these places are only open for the season, like the famous Portland Malt Shoppe.

I have lived in Duluth for many years, but when I arrived it was in December and one of the first things some of my Duluth friends told me was, wait until summer when we can go to the Portland Malt Shoppe and it did not disappoint.

This Top Ten Milkshake list was put together by  although 6 out of the 10 on the list were in the Twin Cities, nobody has the view like Portland Malt Shoppe, tucked away on East Superior Street facing Lake Superior.

The Portland Malt Shoppe is in a beautiful stand alone building and is only open April 1st-October 22nd. For more information and a peek at their menu CLICK HERE 


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