After a year and a half without a Police Liaison Officer, The Principal of Proctor High School hopes that some funding can be set up to get one back.

It is definitely a sign of the times seeing a police officer in schools now, not just High Schools , but Middle Schools too.

The principal went on to say that she has seen an increase in time in trying to resolve issues with students, but luckilyit has not resulted in anything serious.

This brought up a good topic last night as we sat around the dinner table with our kids and discussed bullying in schools. Both schools in Duluth that our kids attend have anti-bullying posters everywhere. And this is a common topic between students and teachers, and one we discuss constantly at home.

It is sad that this needs to be the norm in this day and age, but If it keeps the schools safer, and makes the kids feel more secure, then this is what needs to be done. With all the budgets being squeezed at schools all over the country, hopefully in the future this is one thing that won't fall by the wayside.