Proctor High School is joining the cause helping hospitals by making important and high demand equipment for ventilators, which are used to treat COVID-19 patients. Tyler Blom is a Industrial Arts teacher at Proctor High School and is leading the charge with his students making parts for ventilators using a 3D Printer.

These students are part of an Industrial Tech Class and are learning first hand the importance of some of the materials they are making. Blom had heard abut the effort from colleagues and speaking with WDIO said " I don't think that I can come up with a more real life scenario than to have a student 3D printing quadruple ventilator splitters so overall it's a great project."

Aaron Nicolson a student at Proctor High School told WDIO  "It's kind of exciting I cant wait to start printing more after I get this one done. I am excited to help other people." Nicolson and the other students are making the parts from home during this long distance learning period.

Once the pieces are done done they inspect them to make sure they have the proper shape and measurements, then are shipped off to Project C.U.R.E a worldwide distributor of medical equipment. For more on this story click here.

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